Jamaican Jerk Chicken + Shrimp

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Back in May I went to Jamaica and ate Jerk Chicken basically every single day. When we got home I knew I needed to continue making it because it was such a simple, delicious, and different way to eat boring old chicken. I search online for a Jerk Seasoning and landed on this one. To marinate the chicken (and shrimp) in the marinate for a few hours or overnight before throwing it on the grilled. I served it with grilled onions and zucchini and fried plantains (these were amazing!).


This isn’t really a recipe– but the combination was great! And it took me back to vacation minus the 10,000 mosquitos. Give it a try. Who isn’t looking for more ways to eat chicken?

It was my first time making fried plantains and they were soooo good! To stay with the island theme, I used coconut oil. Just peel and cut the one plantain diagonally into coins about a 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. Add to a medium hot pan with 2 tbsp coconut oil. Fry on each side for about 4 minutes or until the plantain begins to brown. Remove from the pan and place on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Add back into the pan and smash, so they are flattened and cook for another 2-3 minutes on each side. I highly recommend!

Here are some other pictures from the trip!


An overcast day but still a beautiful view of Boston Bay, Portland Parish where we stayed for the week.


The AMAZING jerk chicken we ate as often as possible. It was so incredibly moist.


My packed breakfast that I ate every morning. We weren’t at a resort and only had a small fridge in the room so I packed what I knew I would eat and made some overnight oats/ chia pudding with protein powder each night. Saved tons of money and ensured I got in some good sources of fiber and protein each morning. Yes, I packed almond milk.

Jamaican Breakfast

One day we opted for our host to make us breakfast. SO.MUCH.BUTTER.

Jamaican Chicken Sausage

I can’t remember what this was called but it was some kind of chicken sausage our host made sure we tried. The BEST dinner we had was 2 whole fish at a near by restaurant. It was too dark for pictures but it was Escovitch style. Possibly the best fish dish I’ve ever had. I was in desperate need of green vegetables when we got home! Plantains, breadfruit, and coleslaw were basically the only options.


A good part of my diet for the week was made up of Red Stripe 🙂

Vacation was really remote and relaxing! It was nice to check out for a while, especially with very spotty internet. Jamaica was so beautiful and I am so glad we got to see so much countryside since we were about 3 hours from Kingston.

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